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Year 5

Hello and welcome to our new Year 5 classes!


In year 5, we have Chestnut class with Miss Wood and Hawthorn class Miss Revell. We are helped by Miss Campbell and Mrs Berge.

Miss Wood and Miss Revell are delighted to be teaching your children this year and are very excited about all the new things we will be learning about.


We have a really busy term planned ahead, full of engaging and exciting topics to investigate, all linked to our termly picture, The Scream, by Edvard Munch. Through this picture we will be exploring journeys.


We have very high expectations of the children and look forward to getting to know them more. As a team, we are all dedicated to ensuring every child has the opportunity to make the progress that they are capable of.


This year, we will continue to work extremely hard on their 5R’S (I am responsible, resourceful, reasoning, reflective and resilient.) We will be focusing on working together collaboratively and promoting our independence as responsible learners and thinkers. We will be encouraging the children to be resilient when they are faced with challenges in their work and praising their effort.


Our topics this term will allow us to explore, narratives such as Aladdin and the Journey. Following this we will also be learning about living things and their habitats in science, mountain ranges in geography, historical changes within the local community and future careers and aspirations in PSHE.


At this stage of the year, in English,  the children will be working on developing their sentences using expanded noun phrases, prefixes (auto, sub, anti, auto, inter), suffixes (zion, ssion, cian, sion & ation), direct speech and being able to use a variety of punctuation accurately such as brackets, semi colons and hyphens.


We will begin to spell a range of year 5 and 6 curriculum words accurately, which will be taught in both our English lessons and spelling lesson weekly. Across the year we will be exploring purpose, and the effect that different words have on an audience. From this we will also begin to explore the 6 key reading techniques that we use during our daily  guided reading sessions:

1.Literal Skill

2.Inferring skill

3.Connection skill

4.Summarising skill

5.Vocabulary skill

6.Questioning skill


In Maths this year, we will focus on improving our mental maths fluency, including our 1-12 times tables. We will also begin to multiply up to 4 digit numbers by powers of 10, identify the value of 6 digit numbers and compare and order numbers up to a million. We will develop our knowledge of the four operations to solve both number and word problems including both the informal and expanded method of each operation.

More About Year 5...

Year 5 trip to Kidzania - Wednesday 18th October 2017


Chestnut Class Assembly -  Thursday 30th November 2017


Hawthorn Class Assembly - Thursday 18th January 2018


Junior Citizen Program (Date TBC)

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Dates for Your Diary

Here are some of the ways you can help your child at home:


  • Reading with your child everyday for 20 minutes and sign their diaries at least three times a week.

  • Ensuring homework is completed and handed in each week by  Wednesday.

  • To practice timetables from 1-12 using the timetable grid at the back of your child’s homework book.  

  • To use a variety of methods to help your child learn their weekly spellings using the list of activities, which has been stuck at the front of their homework book.

  • Please ensure your child has the correct school uniform, with appropriate school shoes and training shoes for PE.


We test our spellings and times tables on Friday and have PE on Tuesday/Friday in Hawthorn class and Thursday/Friday in Chestnut class. Please ensure that they bring their PE kit to school on Monday and take it home on Friday each week.


If you have any questions please speak to Miss Wood or Miss Revell on the playground at the end of the day, or get in touch with the school office to arrange an appointment.


We are so excited for our first term with our new Year 5 classes!

How You Can Help