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Hello and welcome to our new Year 2 classes!


In Year 2 we have Cedar Class with Mrs Lagartixa who is helped by Mrs Gratrick. We also have Pine with Miss Vermeulen who is helped by Mrs Davey and Ms Chohan


Our painting for this term is The Great Fire of London by Lieve Verschuier. Our topic will be the taking us through many historical events that lead to the Great Fire in 1666.

Year 2 is an important year in KS1 because it is when we sit the KS1 SATs.


At this stage of the year, the children will be working on multiplication, division and fractions in Maths. In English, we will be extending our writing by using a variety of sentence types, such as command, exclamation, question and statement.


In our phonics groups, we are focused on our spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our grammar includes use of different word types, such as adverb, verb, noun, adjective, as well as understanding where exclamation marks, question marks and capital letters go.


PE is on the following days for each class:

Pine: Tuesday and Thursday

Cedar: Tuesday and Friday

Homework is to be handed in by Wednesday please.



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Here are some of the ways you can help your child at home:

• Reading with your child every day and ensuring their reading diary is signed by an adult

•Ensuring homework is completed on time

•Log into Times Table Rockstars to practise 2s, 3s, 5s and 10 times tables as often as possible with the child reciting “1 times 2 is 2”

•Ensure you bring in your PE kit every Monday to take home every Friday.


If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Lagartixa or Miss Vermeulen on the playground at the end of the day or get in touch with the school office to arrange an appointment.


We are so excited for our Spring term with our classes!



How You Can Help

Year 2

Mock SATs Week – Monday 25th February


Trip to Fulham Fire Station  on Tuesday 5th March 2019


SATs start Friday 17th May 2019.


Key Dates...

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Click here to view the UNCRC (United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child) Articles which are learned, practised, respected, protected and promoted at Southmead.

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