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Wandsworth MUNGA 2019

A team of 6 children from Southmead Primary School took part in a debating challenge (Model United Nations General Assembly) at Wandsworth Town Hall on Tuesday 25th June 2019.


The children were fantastic ambassadors, developing their speaking and listening skills. Read below to hear what they have to say!


UNCRC – Article 24: We have the right to breathe clean air

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Country presentation

Each school were given a country for the morning presentation. Southmead primary were the UK! There were 10 other schools, each representing a country from the United Nation General Assembly. We were given a challenging task of talking for just 1 minute  for the presentation.  

Later during the debate, Southmead were arguing that we should not all be vegetarian because you all know lots of us like Roast Beef. Yummm!

Inter-school debate

After the country presentations, we had the main debate based on the motion ‘This house believes that everyone should be a vegetarian’. I took part in the debate which was fun and intense. The proposition was very strong.  The debate relates to our rights: UNCRC Article 12 ‘Every child has the right express their views and feelings’. Personally I really loved it, as it’s a life experience that may help me in the future and one I will never forget. I am so grateful for this experience

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General Assembly

Following lunch, all the schools sat down in their country groups. We had to give a speech for about 1-2minutes on what our country thinks about vegetarianism. After this, we discussed and voted on 6 amendments and ended up changing our motion from: ‘This house believes that everyone should be a vegetarian’ to, ‘This house believes that everyone should be a flexitarian but should be encouraged people to be vegetarian’.  

This was an amazing experience for us as we learnt new skills that will benefit us in life. The most exciting part of our journey was the fact that we had the privilege of meeting the MAYOR. We had a very enjoyable day at Wandsworth Town Hall!

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