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Upstanders Campaign


UNCRC Article 19 - We have the right to be protected from all forms of violence and mistreatment. We have the right to be safe.

Southmead asked NED to help us with our Upstanders Campaign: to raise awareness of anti-bullying week within our school community and to show us how to STAND UP to bullying all the time. School council did a fantastic job speaking and listening to their classes  -  exploring the definitions of bystanders and upstanders. Using the feedback from the school community, School Council created and performed a powerful school assembly, using  role play to show what it means to be an Upstander. Southmead was also fortunate to experience The Power of One Anti-Bullying show – a performance which sent out the important message of being an ‘Upstander’.  Year 3 have been busy making UPstander posters.


“I have seen more people on the playground making better choices’. Lukye  School Council


“Now people are being an examples to others” Madeleine, School Council


“You can always think about NED to make the right choices about being an UPstander and not a bystander. It is not okay to do nothing.” Lukye and Madeleine.

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