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Our Travel Plan

At Southmead we are part of the TFL travel plan. Our aim is to encourage children to have a more active and healthy lifestyle and help improve the environment. We are currently working at the Bronze level and are aiming to achieve the silver award in the academic year 2016-2017.


So far this year the travel pan has helped us fund many activities:

Early Years and Key Stage 1 received some scooter training. Professional trainers came to school and taught them how to scoot correctly, stay safe on the pavement, break and some funny tricks. They even got the teachers having a go.  Micro scooter gave us a free scooter to give away to a child as a reward. We set a competition to win the scooter. The child who invented the most efficient mode of transport to get to school on won it! It was a girl in Year 1 and she designed a scooter that ran on the movement of butterfly wings.



Each week every a child in each class in Early Years and Key Stage 1 take home a little dog who they take on walks. They write all about their walks in the dog’s diary. In Key Stage 2 every child is encouraged to walk once a week (on a Wednesday). If they walk once a week every week they receive a special badge to congratulate their active lifestyle.


We recently enjoyed some fantastic scooter training in Key Stage 1 & Early Years! To see the video and find out some more info, please click here!



Looking forward to the future we will be completing the following activities:

•Cycle Training in year 5

•Bikers breakfast (as part of the healthy eating breakfast)

•TFL training for traveling safely by yourself (Year 5 and 6)

•Pedestrian training (Early Years)

•Children’s traffic club (Children’s centre and Early Years(

•Big pedal event

•Walking bus- volunteers needed!


If you have noticed any issues on the roads when walking to and from school please let Ms. Carter know as she can address these with Wandsworth council. These may include:

•Litter on the roads

•Dog mess on the pavement

•Badly parked cars

•Congestion outside the school

•Another lollypop attendant

•Dangerous driving