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Southmead Primary School is excited to be in its third year of Spanish. Children in the Early Years, ASD, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two will be learning Spanish through a variety of creative ways: singing songs, learning poems and drama just to name a few.



Why it is good to learn a language?


Languages are becoming increasingly important today, especially within such a multicultural city as London. Through learning languages, children will deepen their intercultural understanding as well as improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Furthermore, we believe that learning a language will open doors and create opportunities in the future for our pupils at Southmead Primary School.  



Topics in Spanish

At Southmead the school has adopted a MFL picture curriculum.  All blocks of work in MFL relate to the focus picture for the year group.  The MFL medium term planning and coverage is supplemented by the following;

•Celebration and understanding of Spanish Christmas.

•Learning about Spanish fiestas: “La nochevieja” “Feria de abril”.

•Artwork related to Spanish celebrations and culture.

•Spanish displays for classrooms.

•Intercultural understanding (Spain): culture, habits, music, food, popular places…

•Authentic Spanish resources brought from Spain: books, brochures, instruments, videos, games…

•Multicultural videos showing different cultures.

•Learning and performing Spanish songs and rhymes.

•Introduction of typical Spanish games.

•Further language learning using interactive games to use inside and outside the school by children, parents and teachers.