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At Southmead Primary School we believe that learning a Modern Foreign Language contributes to children’s learning and development by increasing critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind in young children. Children at Southmead start learning Spanish in EYFS and continue developing their language skill and cultural understanding all the way through Key Stage 1 and 2.


In Spanish lessons all children are encouraged to participate actively and perform with their peers which develops self-confidence and encourages positive attitudes. Authentic resources such as videos, books and songs are used to provide all children with secure bridges into the real world of authentic, native-like use of Spanish.


At Southmead children have the opportunity to take part into international projects where we learn about different cultures. They also celebrate popular Spanish fiestas and traditions and enjoy working alongside international partner schools (Spain) in order to deepen their intercultural understanding and broaden children’s horizons.


Languages are becoming increasingly important today, especially within such a multicultural city as London. At Southmead we believe that learning Spanish and expanding children’s cultural understanding will open doors and help them in later careers.

Spanish at Southmead

In Spanish children will enrich their cultural understanding by learning about different countries and their customs through videos, songs, visitors etc. They will learn and have fun performing and celebrating traditions and “fiestas” from other countries.

In Spanish a wide range of resources are used to develop children’s language skills such as talking tins, Ipads, bilingual books and authentic Spanish resources.

Children can further enjoy language at after school club, where they learn further Spanish and Portuguese!

Children at Southmead Primary School will have the chance to collaborate on projects with International Schools.



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Year 1 have been learning to give information about themselves such as their names and  talking about their feelings in Spanish. This is a lovely  piece of work in which the children wrote how different familiar characters feel in Spanish!


Year 2 have been learning to give information about their  families. In this piece of work children are asking who each member of the family is and introducing each of them in full sentences in Spanish.

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Spotlight on EYs and KS1

Spotlight on KS2


Year 3 have been learning about class objects. In this work they can identify the names for the objects that we typically find in a pencil case. They not only read and understood small texts that described what is in each pencil case but could also write their own description.


Year 4 have been practising how to create conversations in Spanish. They have used familiar  questions and familiar  words to produce their own answers.  


Year 5 have been learning numbers up to 50 in Spanish. First they worked on their speaking skills by saying and memorising the numbers while playing snakes and ladders in Spanish and then they focused on the spelling of the numbers creating patterns that helped them to remember. They even practised the timetables in Spanish!



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International award

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