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Southmead's School Council

The School Council at Southmead work very hard lead the school in many different ways. Their role is to represent the pupil’s voice and the pupil’s views in order to improve the school. They take time to listen and communicate ideas to teachers, parents and governors.


The School Council meets every other Wednesday with Mrs Plunkett to form action plans and will try their hardest to make things happen!


They spent a lot of time last term looking at ‘democracy’ and British Values. They were lucky enough to spend the day at the Houses of Parliament being shown around and being taught about how the government works. The School Council decided their role was similar to the government, in terms of acting as the people’s voice! They ended their day with a workshop focusing on ‘How to have a voice and be heard’. They learnt about the concept of voting, laws, petitions and protests.


A few weeks after their visit, the School Council put on an assembly to the whole school teaching them about democracy and encouraged the pupil’s to approach them with ideas.







They continue to act as role models and Southmead is very lucky to have them for 2018/19.


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Southmead is a Rights respecting school which means we respect the rights of every child and encourage our children to see themselves as global citizens.


We are very excited to have a School Council who also focuses on the Rights Respecting Award at Southmead School. During our bi-weekly meetings, we discuss issues related to children’s rights in our own school community and the world.




The main aims of our council as part of being in a RRS school are:

-To make sure all children and adults are aware of our rights as children.

-To ensure all children in the school have their rights respected.

-To campaign on behalf of children everywhere to make sure their rights are being respected.  


Rights Respecting - School Council

What we’ve done so far:


-Held a Rights Respecting Breakfast on Human Rights Day to enable all members of the school community to learn more about our rights.


-Taken part in a whole school assembly to share our rights with others.


-Been part of a whole-school art project creating posters to show our rights which will be displayed across the school.


-Performed an assembly all about Kelso’s Choices and how we can respect each other’s right to relax and play


-Carried out several walk arounds to check up on playtimes, classroom displays and learning behaviour.

rights respecting

Article 1 & 2

Everyone under the age of 18 has the same rights.

Article 15

We have the right to choose our own friends and to join groups, as long as this does not harm others.

Article 19

We have the right to be protected from all forms of violence and to be kept safe.

Article 28

We have the right to a free primary education. We have the right to be respected.

Article 31

We have the right to relax and play.

Here are the articles we are focusing on this half term!

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