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On Thursday 28th March, 10 children from year 5 and 6 were selected, by their teachers, to embark on a More Able in Computing school trip. These children were selected due to their ability, enthusiasm and success during computing lessons at school.


We got on the tube, walked past The Houses of Parliament and into Lambeth were we entered ‘The imagination Lab’. Once in ‘The Imagination lab’ the children handed over their packed lunches (a lot of disappointment throughout the group when they realised they will not be having a mid-morning snack) and entered a world of possibility.


The session started with an inspirational presentation form ‘The Lego group’ and ‘Raising Robots’ where they were taught how to build a wildlife creature out of Lego. ‘Raising robots’ encouraged the children to improve on their modelled design and to think outside the box when making their robots move (avoid using wheels). The children were then shown how to connect their robot to an IPAD and code it into moving around their table. A task I found extremely challenging, not the children!


With much anticipation, we moved onto the next stage of learning, a more hands on approach. The children were eager to get going and found a table of Lego straight away.  They dismissed the advice cards and started building their own creative creature themselves. Working in groups of 3 or 4, the children worked together to make a robot that moved, before coding them on the IPADs to move them in different directions, speak, stop and reverse. The children were shocked to find out that Miss Carter and Mrs Jenner grew up in a time when if you wanted your Lego creations to move you had to do it by hand and not attach a Bluetooth motor to it!


Children learnt many skills during this session,not just the core skill of being able to code a construction from their imagination, but also how to work in a team, how to problem solve, how to improve on their design, how to persevere and most importantly how to have fun and play!


Overall, the trip was a huge success and EVERY children showcased all the key values we, at Southmead, are proud of.

I look forward to many more trips in the future where we can showcase children sharing their abilities and talents.

Miss Carter

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