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Religious Education at Southmead


                      VISION STATEMENT


At Southmead Primary School we believe that Religious Education (RE) contributes to children’s learning and development by promoting cultural diversity and respecting the rights and values of others.


Diversity plays a crucial role in our society and it is therefore essential that children learn to deepen their cultural understanding as well as develop as morally responsible citizens.


RE develops self-confidence, collaboration and cooperation and aims to instill in children positive attitudes. Pupils are encouraged to express and question their own thoughts and beliefs.


We believe that Religious Education will help to broaden children’s horizons and create opportunities in the future for our pupils to live and work in our culturally rich and diverse community.

Spotlight on EYFS and KS1


In Early Years, we have been looking at cultures and customs from around the world. We will be discussing religious festivals including Diwali and Christmas and looking at similarities and differences between them.  


Year 1 have been focusing on the symbol of light in religion, linking with their topic painting of ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. They discussed how light made them feel and why they think it might be a symbol of hope and happiness.


Year 2 are learning about fear, doubt and faith this term. They revisited the story of Owl Babies to discuss how the owl babies might have been feeling at different points in the story.

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Spotlight on KS2



Year 3 have been looking at the symbolism and significance of water in religion linking with their topic of Thames Below Westminster by Monet.


Year 4 are learning about ancient religions linking with their topic of Ancient Egypt.

At Southmead, we believe that first hand experiences are key to developing children’s learning and understanding in Religious Education. This includes ensuring that every year group attends a trip to a local Place of Worship. This has included visits to St Michael’s Church, Wimbledon Mosque as well as inviting local members of the community into our school to share their culture and religion with the children.

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