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Curriculum intent, implementation and impact


“In a democratic society which prizes equality of opportunity, the curriculum should be based first and foremost on the knowledge we consider all young people should have the access to and begin to acquire during their school years.”  Michael Young






















How do we define curriculum?


“The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom, as we were taken on countless theatre visits and trips to places of interest.” Alan Bennett


At Southmead we believe that curriculum refers to the ‘totality of the experience of the child within schooling (aims, content, pedagogy, assessment).’   This includes not just programmes of study, but wider experiences that include the development of the self, the healthy body and mind, the creative expression of individuals, in a way that impacts on a child’s long-term memory.




Curriculum intent

“The job of a good curriculum is to inspire teachers, not instruct them.” Russell Hobby


Here at Southmead, our biggest driving force is to ensure that we educate the ‘whole child’; by that we mean that we want them to achieve their potential in literacy and numeracy, but also seek to encourage a curiosity and enthusiasm across all subjects – a desire to know and understand more, building on prior learning, in a carefully sequenced progression.  We aim to underpin our children’s learning with relevant practical experiences, where appropriate; drawing on the resources both locally and in London, to give our children new and invigorating experiences that will help embed their learning.


We believe that every child should:

  • be happy to come to school

  • understand and celebrate what they have achieved and know what they need to do next

  • have access to a curriculum that interests and motivates ; that builds curiosity, critical thinking  and resilience, embedding a risk-taking attitude towards learning

  • be encouraged to work well with others, their school and embrace their diverse community

  • develop sound subject knowledge and  be able to apply the appropriate skills across the curriculum, in different contexts

  • be able to make informed decisions about participation in wider society

  • have high aspirations for themselves, enabling greater life choices and experiences



For a full list of paintings and topics covered in each term, please download our long term map by clicking on the link button below.

Our  Curriculum

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