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Hello and welcome to our new year in Nursery.


We have Oak class with Miss McBride who comes from Malta! We are helped by Miss Nembhard and Miss Johnson.


Our painting for this term is Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso and our topic will be ‘Colour and Pattern’ which will have us learning about colours and how they can change when mixed with other colours. Patterns using different mediums such as collage, paint and printing. We will also be focusing on feelings, identifying emotions and expressing how we feel and how we can help others when they are upset.


We are so excited for our first term in Nursery!

In the first term of Nursery we are focus heavily on children independent skills and settling in to their new environment.


We will also be heavily focusing on reading and mark marking, so please ensure that you read daily with your child at home and use the reading diaries to record your child’s achievements. Your child’s book will be changed every Friday.



•To help your child learn the most important thing you can do is read daily with your child. Just one story a day will help your child learn to speak and teach children key skills which they can use later to learn to read independently.


Teaching your children to dress independently, taking off and putting on their coats and shoes, looking after their own belongings and general self-care (going to the toilet by themselves, washing their hands and eating while sitting at a table).

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Key Dates...

Parents Evening-


Tuesday 8th October- 1.30-3.30pm


Wednesday 9th October/ Thursday 10th October- More information to follow

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Click here to view the UNCRC (United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child) Articles which are learned, practised, respected, protected and promoted at Southmead.

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