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Hello and welcome to summer term in Nursery.


In Nursery we have Oak class with Miss Howells, and we are helped by Ms Clark and Ms Morgan.


Our painting for this term is Van Gogh’s Poppies and Butterflies, and our topic will be ‘Plants and Minibeasts’ which will have us learning about how to take care of and look after all things that grow including how to care for ourselves by eating the right foods and exercising our bodies.


We will also be looking at a range of different minibeasts, their lifecycles and how they impact on us and our world!

The children will have an opportunity to ...

• Learn more about the wide variety of animals in the environment

• Look carefully to make discoveries

• Be able to think imaginatively through the use of stories

• Explore a range of creative activities and ideas

• Learn about growing both in themselves and the natural world


Below are a some useful websites for you and your child to do at home as well as our current timetable and topic web.


Nursery Timetable


Nursery Topic Web


Numbers Rhyme



Interactive Maths Games



Phase 2 Phonics Mat



Jolly Phonics A-Z Song 



Counting to 10



Counting to 20



Songs to sing


If you have any questions please speak to Miss Howells, Ms Clarke or Ms Morgan on the door at the end of the day, or get in touch with the school office to arrange an appointment.


We are so excited for this beautiful sunny summer term in Nursery.



At this stage of the year, the children will be working on identifying, hearing and writing initial sounds as we develop our phonetic awareness in the classroom. We will also be focusing on developing good pencil control ready for writing and more detailed mark making.


In maths we will be focusing on non-standard units of measure and using comparative language around measurement such as language around weight, height and capacity. We will be looking also at combining groups to find totals and understanding and using vocabulary related to addition and subtraction.


Here are some of the ways you can help your child at home:


  • Reading with your child every day and recording in reading diary

  • Ensuring homework is completed

  • Including maths into your everyday routine, number recognition and adding on one more and one less to numerals.

  • Mark making as often as possible, developing fine motor control though a range of activities and experiences.

How you can help

Useful Links

Poppies and butterfiles