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Music at Southmead

Vision Statement:


The vision for Music at Southmead Primary School is based on the concept that music is an essential part of life, integral to the development of the whole child and acts as a unique and powerful form of communication. Our Music Curriculum aims to develop self- esteem, cooperation and creativity as well as inspiring pupils to achieve their full musical potential providing them with the skills for life-long enjoyment of music.


The Music Curriculum aims to develop children’s ability to listen to, and appreciate a wide variety of music including that which has a specific purpose. We aim for children to have opportunities to explore and express ideas and feelings about music, in a variety of ways (dance/ art/ compositions/ singing/ drama).

Each lesson encourages active involvement in creating and developing musical ideas using both voices and instruments (tuned and un-tuned). Through this, children develop a sense of group identity and togetherness through composing, rehearsing and performing music with others to an audience.


In addition, we strive educate pupils to appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers. For example, pupils at Southmead receive an annual visit from the Nonesuch Orchestra, Kings College Jazz Band and plenty more.

Southmead is committed to providing an enriched arts education for all pupils and to embed Music into the wider Arts and National Curriculum based topics.

Useful Links


If you have access to an Ipad at home, then a good app for children to explore instruments and composition is ‘GarageBand’ by Apple. Children can create their own music and is good for any age from Year 1 to Year 6.

Please click here to download the Southmead Song!!!!


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Music is taught by the specialist music teacher Miss Earnshaw, who in addition to teaching music lessons leads the school choir after school and co-ordinates school concerts/class assemblies.


The children in Early Years are enjoying their new topic of ‘All Around the World’ and have been working very hard on their listening and responding skills in their music sessions. They are going to be exploring the different sounds of instruments from different cultures and a variety of songs.


Year 1 are focusing on key features of music including tempo, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and timbre. They will be applying these to compositions that link to their painting of ‘Starry Night’.


Year 2 will be focusing on the Sounds of the Jungle, exploring soundscapes and instruments through this theme. They will also be enhancing their knowledge on music notation and other forms of written music.


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Spotlight on EYs and KS1

Spotlight on KS2


Year 3’s topic is ‘Thames Below Westminster’ so they will be focusing on responding to music in different ways through writing, movement, composition and drama. Their topics include Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, where they will be learning some of the key dances from the productions!


Year 4 continue to take part in the Wider Opportunities clarinet programme, so watch this space as there will be concerts arranged to showcase their skills!


Year 5 will be exploring the genre of ‘horror’ through music, studying ways to play music for a specific effect. They will be using Ipads to compose and create their own soundtrack to a ‘horror’ film (links to their painting ‘The Scream’.


We love Music at Southmead!

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We compose using a variety of media!

We can read music notes on a stave! We took our learning outdoors and created our own musical stave!

We have had some of our children visit the Royal Albert Hall to be inspired by groups of musicians from various Secondary Schools from around the country.


Our choir is enjoying their weekly sessions on a Monday, learning songs that range from Musical Theatre to more modern favourites.



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