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It is a brand new term and year at Southmead and the children are already immersed in Music. Each week, the school is introduced to a new ‘Composer of the Week’ in their weekly collective worship assembly. The composers range from historical figures such as Mozart, to jazz composers such as Miles Davis, to more modern and familiar composers such as Michael Jackson. One of the new objectives as part of the New Curriculum is:


“to develop an understanding of the history or music” and “to appreciate music from great composers and musicians”.

The children gain a lot from these weekly composers and it is a joy to hear them discuss their amongst their peers at playtimes.


Music is taught by the specialist music teacher Miss Earnshaw, who in addition to teaching music lessons leads the school choir after school and co-ordinates school concerts/class assemblies.


The children in Early Years are enjoying their new topic of ‘Colours and Pattern’ and have been working very hard on their listening and responding skills in their music sessions. They are going to be focusing on musical patterns through songs and instrumental patterns.


Year 1 are focusing on key features of music including tempo, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and timbre. They will be applying these to compositions that link to their painting of ‘Starry Night’.


Year 2 will be focusing on the Sounds of the Jungle, exploring soundscapes and instruments through this theme. They will also be enhancing their knowledge on music notation and other forms of written music.


Year 3’s topic is ‘Thames Below Westminster’ so they will be focusing on responding to music in different ways through writing, movement, composition and drama. Their topics include Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, where they will be learning some of the key dances from the productions!


Year 4 continue to take part in the Wider Opportunities clarinet programme, so watch this space as there will be concerts arranged to showcase their skills!


Year 5 will be exploring the genre of ‘horror’ through music, studying ways to play music for a specific effect. They will be using Ipads to compose and create their own soundtrack to a ‘horror’ film (links to their painting ‘The Scream’.





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If you have access to an Ipad at home, then a good app for children to explore instruments and composition is ‘GarageBand’ by Apple. Children can create their own music and is good for any age from Year 1 to Year 6.

Please click here to download the Southmead Song.