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Maths at Southmead

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At Southmead Primary School our vision is to provide pupils with an engaging Mathematics curriculum; one which teaches pupils how to confidently communicate their ideas through fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  


All Maths lessons at Southmead will have a thematic approach, with links to problem solving in a variety of contexts, whilst all being connected to the children’s current topic picture.  Children will be given the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts in a practical, pictorial and in abstract form.  We promote a sense of wonder in the exactness of mathematics in a creative way, through the exploration of patterns, formulae, sequences and real world examples.  


Children are encouraged to self-assess and peer assess so that they think critically and learn how to evaluate their own work and others’ work, and offer constructive feedback.  We recognise the importance of promoting self-esteem and building self-confidence so we encourage children to share their ideas by thinking logically and critically and welcome mistakes so that they can understand content in a rational way.




Nursery have been recognising and saying numbers in order.  

Reception have been learning about repeating patterns with the help of the Handa’s Surprise story!   They learned about the sequences of fruits and animals in the story and made their own repeat patterns!  


KS1 have been busy comparing and ordering numbers, using inequality signs.  Year 2 have been sharing their reasoning using mathematical vocabulary to explain why numbers are smaller or larger!  Year 1 have been learning about number bonds to 10 and solving problems with measure!  

spotlight 2

Spotlight on EYFS and KS1

Spotlight on KS2


KS2 have been busy making connections with place value and number.   They have been applying their learning to a range of problems in a variety of contexts!  Year 5 and 6 have been comparing and ordering decimals, using mathematical vocabulary.  They have been using mental methods to add and subtract decimals by applying their knowledge of place value, through exploration of practical resources.  Lamech in Year 6 said, “I could compare the decimals easily because I could see why they were larger or smaller with the dienes.”


Year 4 have been learning how to round numbers using their knowledge of multiplies of 10, 100 and 1000.  Year 3 have been learning to add numbers by exploring unitising with dienes!  Jayden in Year 3 said, “I love using the dienes because I can see why I have to carry the one to the next column – it makes sense!”

Southmead Array Board

The children in years 3 – 6 have been busy helping Mrs Hall complete the October Array Board!  They are representing numbers in the times table in arrays with visuals of their choice to help them remember their times table facts!  


Maths Competitions

Watch this space for the Mathematician of the Year Competition as some of our year 6 pupils will take part in November!


We will also have pupils from year 3 and 4 attending the More Able Maths competition at Our Lady Queen of Heaven in November!



‘Barvember’ will return to Southmead in November when Mrs Hall will challenge the children to solve problems using the Bar Model!


Times Tables Parent Workshops

Please look out for our times tables workshops, where Mrs Hall will be giving you some top tips to help your child learn their times tables at home!


enrichment working wall 1 working wall 2 working wall 3 working wall 5 working wall 4

Here we have some of our amazing ‘Working Walls’ from KS2: they are interactive so that the children can contribute to their learning.  They are also able to access resources independently.  Children complete mastery and times tables challenges!  

Here we have Year 6 using dienes to order and compare decimal numbers. They worked collaboratively to explain their reasoning using mathematical vocabulary.

year 6 diennes

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