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Healthy Schools at Southmead


                              VISION STATEMENT


The vision for Healthy Schools at Southmead Primary School is to ensure that all children develop healthy, lifelong habits regarding nutritious food choices and sufficient levels of exercise. At Southmead, we believe strongly that a good diet and exercise choices are essential to the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of children so we are committed to educating children about the best choices they can make.


Our school lunches provide a nutritious and varied diet, which are linked to whole school and national events when appropriate, such as International Day, Wimbledon or the Royal Wedding, and staff encourage children and parents to provide healthy packed-lunches so children have equal access to good quality nutrition, regardless of whether they eat school dinners or packed-lunches.


Our healthy schools plan encourages increased levels of exercise which helps children develop stronger muscles and bones in addition to aiding concentration during lessons. We have a wide ranging strategy to promote physical activity before, throughout and after the school day which includes: before-school fitness and Gymnastics Clubs; outstanding Physical Education teaching, lunchtime sporting activities and intra-school competitions led by external coaches, and where appropriate Peer mentors, a variety of after-school sports clubs and scooter and cycle training throughout the year. In addition to the health benefits and aiding children to reach their full potential, our sporting activities also promote cooperation, self-esteem and the ability to be gracious in victory and defeat.


At Southmead we use assemblies and regular campaigns such as the Big Pedal (a week- long campaign run by the charity Sustrans) to promote cycling to school and Walk to School Week, amongst others, to promote a more active method of travel.  


Southmead is committed to encouraging its pupils to develop healthy habits and access participation in lifelong physical and healthy activity.


Spotlight on EYFS and KS1


Children who eat healthily have been joining the children in KS2 and sitting on the top table! A real treat for the children where they are waited upon by our superb lunchtime helpers.

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Spotlight on KS2

We already have Cycle Training booked for the Summer term for some children in Years 5 and 6. Watch this space for more information!




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In the Spring term we will be organising a Dr Bike session, when Dr Bike will come in to service and fix our bikes for free! Keep an eye on the website for further information.


Road safety week is also coming up in November. We will be learning about Road Safety in our classrooms including the Green Cross Code and how to keep safe when we are out and about.


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