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Geography at Southmead


                      VISION STATEMENT


At Southmead Primary School the vision for Geography is based on the concept that this subject gives us fantastic opportunities to learn about places (both terrestrial and marine), people, resources and natural and human environments. Learning about our world also gives pupils opportunities to think about their own experiences and celebrate the many different and vibrant cultures represented in our school.


At Southmead we link Geography to other areas of the curriculum, creating an engaging and creative learning experience. Cross-curricular learning helps children to deepen their understanding and of course have lots of fun!


Southmead is committed to providing rich curriculum experiences and we believe that Geography provides boundless opportunities to explore the world, understand our place in the wider global community and use critical thinking to consider the different, but interconnected needs of all inhabitants on our wonderful planet.

Spotlight on EYFS and KS1


This Spring Term, Early Years have discussed their families heritages and customs. They have begun to explore different religions around the world, as well as visits around the local area.


Cherry Class have learnt about different seasons and weather conditions associated with each of them.


Year One have engaged in a multitude of map work, including mapping the school grounds and a garden. They have used directional language, read maps and navigated using a bee-bot (pictured). They have also focused on weather and changes.


Year Two have explored the landmarks of London and written about them during English lessons. They have also considered ways to limit air pollution (pictured), as well as learning about habitats.


spotlight 2

Spotlight on KS2

In the Spring Term, Year Three have looked at fair trade across the world and its implications in the UK and abroad. This has included mapping skills ans well as writing a letter to Theresa May (pictured).


Year Four have looked at cities and counties across the United Kingdom and identified them on maps. They have also explored four-figure and six-figure grid references.


Year Five have explored the physical features of coastlines, including labelling diagrams, as well as considering the direct impact air pollution has on them (pictured).


Year Six have explored Greece, and made geographic comparisons between ancient Greek territory ands modern Greek territory.




At Southmead, we are proud to belong to our school, bu and proud of our wonderful mixture of world cultures and traditions. We share our international recipes in the dining hall so others may enjoy them, we celebrate all different religions which help us to understand and value differences, and we become more aware and proud of the country we live in by exploring different aspects of the UK.


Early Years have recently had an Around-The-World day where they dressed up in clothes from a different nation and took part in a drama workshop which has helped them focus on different cultures.


Year Two have recently begun a partnership with Springville School in Kenya and aim to develop a regular correspondence with them!

int recipes springville 4

Southmead was awarded the Intermediate Level for Developing Internationalism in the summer of 2018. This achievement recognises and celebrates:

•the broad range of cultures, faiths, home languages and interests within our school community

•our commitment to strengthening international activities within our curriculum

•developing children’s skills and outlooks which encourage positive engagement with others and their environment

•our vision of developing learners who 'Aim for the Stars', whilst being respectful of each other and the world around them

•an international dimension to the children’s learning experiences.

world in our hands

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