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Hello and welcome to the summer term!


In Cherry tree we have some amazing adults to help us learn and progress in school!


Mrs Cater- Head of Base and teacher

Miss Mathurin- Teacher

Mrs Dempsey- Teaching Assistant

Miss Macarty- Teaching Assistant

Miss Gregory- Teaching Assistant

Miss Chamberlin- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mr Ali- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Our Cherry Trees and Cherry Blossoms have different topic paintings this term!


Our Cherry Trees will be learning from george and the Dragon by Paolo Ucello and our Cherry Blossoms will be learning from Edgar Degas' 'Beach Scene'

This term we have two topics running alongside each other, the children in cherry blossom will be learning about the topic ‘Seaside and holidays’ – they will be immersed in under the sea language, animals and holidays.


The Cherry Tree children will be following the topic

‘Knights, Legends and Fairy tales’ where we will learn about the legend of George and the dragon, learning nonfiction facts about Komodo dragons and famous fairy tales.  


Our life skills project this term will be centred on healthy food and healthy eating. All of the children will be taking part in a long project developing their life skills. The children will be learning about:



•Reading cook books

•List writing

•Public transport


•Writing a risk assessment

•Use of money

•Food prep skills


•Eating skills



The children have loved all of the life skills projects we have been doing this year! The trips to TESCO have been a big hit with the children. Once the life skills projects have been completed we will celebrate their learning by eating the food they have prepared and have a picnic altogether in the garden!

More About Cherry Tree...

Here are some of the ways you can help your child at home:


•- Reading with your child everyday

•- Ensuring homework is completed

•- speaking and listening activities at home

•-Imaginative play and games

•-turn taking games

•-Using the Summer IPM to support learning at home- using the key targets to focus on.

How You Can Help

Below is the video with the Jolly Phonics song for our Phase 2 sounds! Watch the video with your child and see if they can teach you all of the sounds and actions. Which sounds can they write?

Useful Links

If you have any questions please ask Mrs Cater or Miss Mathurin on the playground at the beginning or end of the day, or get in touch with the school office to arrange an appointment.


We are so excited for Summer term in Cherry Tree!


Thank you for all your continued help and support.


Mrs Cater

We have an Occupational Therapist in School with us two days per week. She runs gross motor groups for all children with Occupational Therapy in their statements. She also organises fine motor activities for all children which are then carried out throughout the week in class. She will be in Southmead every Monday and Thursday.


This summer term we will also be focusing in fine motor activities in the morning – all of the children will be working with their key adult to help develop this skill.



All the children in Cherry Tree have an OT sessions everyday with the Key adult. This greatly improves their gross motor skills and gets them ready to learn!


The children are all taking part in Handwriting sessions, where they will be developing their fine motor skills and learning how to use the handwriting lines we use in school.


Speech and Language Therapy is very important at Southmead. We have a SALT who is in twice a week, every day Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers and therapist plan and deliver Literacy lessons together and each class has a weekly Social Skills lesson.


We have Cherry Tree PE sessions every Monday so please make sure your child has their PE kit in their locker ready, and if your child attends their mainstream PE session they will need to have their PE kit for a few days.

George and the Dragon - Paolo Uccello Beach Scene - Degas