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Art and Design  at Southmead


                      VISION STATEMENT


Every child is an artist – some just don’t realise it.  Our job is to remove the inhibitions and fear that builds up as children grow and keep them in tune with the creativity they are born with. We get every child to experiment, create, fail, succeed and get their hands dirty. Above all we enable them to express themselves while they experience the joy of working together, and the beauty of colour, form, light and materials.


We aim for our children to learn that achievement is a result of effort, and through making the children understand that they perhaps ‘can’t do it -  YET’, we build self-esteem, resilience, and an understanding that curiosity, imagination, and questioning can be really enjoyable at the same time as thought-provoking and relaxing.


Design affects every aspect of our lives.  We give our children awareness of how design impacts the world as well as all the career opportunities it offers. Art and design teaches children about the work of artists, craftspeople, designers, and architects from around the world.  Children learn the vocabulary of Art and design, and they experience a broad range of disciplines. They learn to appreciate the creativity of others by fostering a sense of equality and celebrating effort. At Southmead, we constantly highlight the links to all other subjects, for example history, religion, science and mathematics. We learn how other cultures have inspired great artists, and have influenced all areas of design from fashion to architecture.

Spotlight on EYFS and KS1


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In Early Years, we have been learning about traditional tales.  The children have made pictures of Jack and the beanstalk, The Big Bad Wolf, The three little pigs and Rapunzel.

The children in Year 2  created fire paintings, collage characters and primed blocks of houses.  They combined them in a new piece of art about the day before the Great Fire of London and imagined what the fire was like.


Year 1 have had a great term looking at fruit, vegetables and plants.  The children made giant  turnips out of collage, created characters out of modelling clay and made drawings by looking at real fruit  and vegetables.

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Year 3 learned about mosaics as part of their study of the ancient Roman civilisation. The children  made a painting by looking at real fish and lemons, then created a mosaic pattern around the painting.  They also made a tile by impressing a mosaic pattern into clay.


As part of their 'Victorians' topic, Year 4  children have looked at the work of the designers William Morris and his daughter May.  They have made a printing Block and have been learning to make Batik.

5 6

Year 5 have been creating fantasy insects that move this term.  They started by making observational drawings of dragonfly wings, then dragonflies.  The children then made collages to create their own wings and then sculpted an insect body.  This will be attached to a pneumatic pump that they are also making.


Year 6 have had a very interesting term learning about Greek pottery, world ceramics and the work of Grayson Perry and Patrick Caulfield.  They learned how to construct their own pot and how to plan and apply the decoration.


In Cherry Tree class the children have been making beautiful kites and experimenting with different ways to make patterns.The photo shows marbling.