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Air Pollution Campaign

Campaign Week arrived at Southmead Primary School during the Spring Term.


School and Eco Council worked together to raise awareness of air-pollution, which is affecting lots of people, particularly children, across the UK (and around the world).


Southmead have teamed up with Unicef to help spread the word and to campaign for something to be done to reduce air pollution in our local area.


UNCRC – Article 24: We have the right to breathe clean air

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Eco Council made posters to raise awareness.  

Eco Council made posters to raise School & Eco Council practising some                                                    breathing techniques.                                            

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Eco Council made posters to raise School & Eco Council School and Eco Council taught lessons so that we could learn more about the causes and effects of air pollution.                            

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KS2 wrote postcards to the MP Michael Gove as part of the UNICEF OUTRIGT Campaign, persuading him to take action against air pollution.                        

Eco Council working with SUSTRANS, learning how diffusion tubes can ascertain pollution levels in our local area.                        

Cherry class carried out a traffic survey by the school gates.                      

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